My Chronic Ramblings is a blog about all my thoughts and adventures while trying to make my way with the battle of Elhers Danlos Syndrome on my shoulders. It’s is all about talking about the unspoken; the good, the bad and the ugly of the life of someone with an invisible illness.

On here you will find rambles of my every day realities; daily struggles, how I keep my pain at bay while I travel; wellbeing; life hacks; travel; photography and everything in between.
I hope this can help share and spread a little understanding. Yet I’ve never wanted to be viewed as someone who is trying to get attention. I just want people I know to see these my day to day reality so that they can understand why I call in sick and what I mean when I say I’m struggling.

Hopefully people can learn a little from this about what it is like to have an invisible illness and how it affects people as you are not able to see it.